Climate Action – What is unique to Wakehurst?

The Wakehurst area has a large natural environment intertwined with the local population. Recent events such as storms and beach erosion have highlighted the impacts of climate change and the need for immediate action. The area is home to a number of important ecological communities, including costal and wetland habitats. The health of these ecosystems is vital to the wellbeing of the local community, providing health and recreational benefits.

The Wakehurst community has long been involved in environmental conservation. In response to recent events, the community has formed a number of Climate Action Groups. These groups are calling on all levels of government to take urgent action on climate change, including investing in renewable energy, phasing out coal-fired power stations, and protecting our vulnerable coastal areas.

Wakehurst’s Independent is also working to raise awareness of the issue and engage more people in the fight against climate change.

What are the the impacts of climate to our local the area

The issues that concern us are:

  • The need to move to renewable energy and break the reliance on fossil fuels
  • The target for reduction of emissions must follow science rather the industry lobbyists and vested interests
  • The rate of climate change is increasing and must be slowed
  • Urban heat waves and the risk of heat related health issues and death are increasing
  • More frequent and more intense bush fires threaten out parks and nature reserves and nearby property

What are the threats if we do not take immediate climate action

The impact of climate change, particularly without our government acting immediately is large . The impacts include:

  • Damage to our natural environment
  • Destruction of property from storms, ocean-surges and bushfires
  • Reduced funding for other essential services due to increased cost of climate change related events
  • Increased health issues due to heat waves, cold snaps and other extreme weather events

How do we address the threats to the climate?

A Wakehurst Independent member will work to address these threats in the following ways:

  • Support, fund and promote clean energy initiatives such as electric vehicles (EVs) and solar energy projects such as Zero Emissions Sydney North.
  • Stop the support for new fossil fuels projects and subsidies
  • Consider the impact on climate on all bills introduced into parliament
  • Support sustainable projects and provide for future generations.

Why do we need Climate Action now?

The rate of climate change is increasing, with the recent rate being 0.5C per decade, compared to 0.1C in the early part of last century.

It is predicted that more days above 40C will occur.

Human health and lifestyle will be impacted by heat waves in summer, cost of heating in winter, breathing difficulties due to bushfire smoke and many other factors.

It is clear from the scientific evidence that there is an urgent need for action to slow and ultimately reverse the impacts of human activity over the recent centuries. The lack of action on climate by the current government and others with similar ideologies is both frustrating and dangerous.

These effects will also be seen on the overloading of already stressed hospitals, financial costs due to insurance claims pushing up premiums, cost of living pressure as disruptions to food supplies occur.

All of these impacts will be felt by individuals, families and businesses in Australia. The economy will suffer, as will our way of life.

The time for action is now. We need to demand that our government and others take the necessary steps to reduce emissions and protect our planet for future generations.