Brad Hazzard Retires, teal group calls for change

Press Release dated 24-10-22

With long-serving Wakehurst MP, Brad Hazzard, announcing his retirement today, northern beaches community group Wakehurst’s Independent is citing this as an opportunity for change in the safe Liberal seat.

The group spokesperson, Sarah Baker, thanked Hazzard for his long service to the community, particularly during the COVID outbreak.

“Brad has worked tirelessly for NSW in some very challenging times,” said Ms Baker.

“Nevertheless, with the numerous recent resignations in the NSW Liberal Government, there’s definitely a feeling, within both the Party and the community, that integrity issues will affect the fortunes of the Government coming into the March election.

“The time is right for a new Wakehurst MP to take the electorate forward.  The Wakehurst Community deserves a representative who will raise our voice and our priorities in NSW Parliament, whilst upholding strong principles of integrity.

“The Liberal Party rightly sees movements such as ours as a threat to their once assumed safe seats—our community has shown at a federal level that there is a real appetite for change and genuine community-backed independent representation—and the Liberal Party will no doubt try to persuade our electorate that their new candidate is a “fresh start”.

“However, with each moderate resignation, they’re swinging further to the right and riding roughshod over the sensible centre community views.

“In addition, for years now we’ve seen, particularly on environmental policy, that the NSW Liberal Party is at the mercy of the Nationals. 

 “This will not be a fresh start for the community of Wakehurst, it’s more of the same.

“Whether its schools or roads, housing or health, climate or environment, the crucial decisions that are made in the NSW Parliament, are what will define the quality of our lives in the mid to long term,” said Ms Baker.

The group is currently surveying the community to understand which issues are most important to them.

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