Housing Affordability – What is unique to Wakehurst?

The Wakehurst area has a large local population nestled within bushland and bounded by beautiful beaches. Continuing to house a growing population comes with challenges. It is important housing is provided in an affordable, sustainable and equitable manner.

What are the issues around providing affordable housing in Wakehurst?

The issues that concern us are:

  • Many of our children are finding it almost impossible to afford a house
  • Clearing bushland to make profits for wealthy developers must stop
  • Homelessness in the area is rising and needs to be addressed.

What are the threats if we do not take immediate housing affordability action

The impact of a lack of housing affordability, particularly without our government acting immediately is large . The impacts are:

The rate of homelessness will not improve and likely get worse

The impact on mental health due to homelessness, stresses arising from trying to pay for rent or a mortgage will only worsen

Unsustainable housing development is leading to the degradation of our remaining rich natural habitat.

The lack of supporting infrastructure to support housing development leads to traffic congestion

How do we address the housing affordability crisis?

A Wakehurst Independent member will work to address these issues in the following ways:

  • Ensure rezoning decisions are made for the benefit of the community, not large developers
  • Consider infrastructure and transport impacts of housing development
  • Support programs that allow affordable housing for young, elderly and the homeless