Environment – What is unique to Wakehurst?

The Wakehurst area has a large natural environment intertwined with the local population. Numerous nature reserves and parks co-exist with medium and high-density residences.

What are the the concerns for our local environment

The issues that concern us are:

  • Loss of habitat
  • The growing list of endangered species
  • Over-development

These issues impact Wakehurst by:

Reducing bio-diversity



Dee Why Lizard Basking

What are the threats to the environment

The natural environment is threatened in a number of ways. These are:

  • Climate change
  • Deforestation and habitat loss
  • Pollution and waste

How do we address the threats to the environment?

A Wakehurst Independent member will work to address these threats in the following ways:

  • Call for immediate action to reduce the environmental impacts of climate change
  • Support conservation and species protection initiatives
  • Support sustainable housing initiatives
  • Support public transport improvement
  • Expand eco-energy projects
  • Suspend clearance of native forests and other vulnerable habitats

Features of Wakehurst’s Environment

The area is home to many native species, many can be seen daily in backyards and urban areas. Birds, frogs, turtles, marine-life, reptiles and marsupials are present. All of these are able to survive due to the wildlife reserves and forests of the area. As these are reduced by human activities the animals endure increasing stress that threatens their survival.

Many species have disappeared from the area. Ensuring the survival of the remaining ones is a first step to sustaining the area’s unique attraction for future generations.

The local area is also susceptible to events and actions outside of the electorate. Severe weather events, beach erosion, bio-diversity reduction and threats from introduced species require a broader approach to protecting the environment.

Protecting Wakehurst’s Environment

The biggest return for the local environment is immediate climate action.

Future development must be sustainable. Supporting renewable energy initiative such as solar energy for housing and electric vehicles is a start.

Reducing pollutants such as plastics, oil leakages from vehicles

Broader Environment Support

While Wakehurst’s environment must be protected, it does not exist in isolation. Working with other progressive parliamentarians on broader environmental issues is essential.

Protecting habitats essential for animals such as koala – which are no longer present in Wakehurst, water management for rivers and dams are part of an overall environmental protection strategy for the state.